While it sounds pretty simple, increasing the number of likes your business receives on Facebook is often more involved than you think. Consumers are pretty savvy these days, and they generally don’t want to feel like they are getting cold sold on your products or services, when they visit your business’ Facebook page. Now I’m not advocating creating posts on scantily clothed models or celebrities to build interest instead… unless it’s Ryan Reynolds… or Channing Tatum… because that’s providing a necessary social service for women!

It’s important to think logically about why your audience would be sourcing your business on Facebook, in order to turn page views into likes. Is your audience after product or service tips? Could they be checking for special offers, or wanting to find out further information on you or your staff, field or industry. By distinguishing the reasons why they would be looking you up on social media, you can tailor your page and posts to accommodate this, resulting in more audience likes and even conversions!

I’ve provided 4 simple and easy tips below that will help you optimise your Facebook page for your target audience. If you don’t have the time to spend to grow your reach and engagement on your social media platforms, invest in a social media specialist to do this for you.


By embedding Facebook plugins on your website, such as “like”, “follow” or just a general page plugin, you will automatically enhance your visibility. This not only helps with generating more likes, it can also assist with conversions, if your Facebook page effectively sells your business.


If you check your Facebook analytics, you’ll be able to determine which posts were popular based on audience engagement. By tailoring your future posts on those that received the best response, you’ll automatically generate more Facebook likes.


Being responsive to your audience is vital to increase your Facebook following.   If you are helpful, by solving problems relating to products or services, or offering relevant tips and advice, your audience will connect with you better, and like your posts.


Facebook ads are a great way of increasing your likes, as well as conversions. Whether you choose to boost a post that has proven to have great engagement, of you have a special offer or giveaway to use as a drawcard, running targeted ads allows you to reach a much larger audience.

Need some help with your Facebook page to build your audience, engagement and conversion rate? Call the social media experts at Ad On Digital on (07) 5586 1412. If you’d like to find out further information on their services send them an email… today!