After being a digital copywriter for many years, I’ve determined the general consensus on the perceived skill level it takes to creating quality online marketing content could be provided by a small child with one hand tied behind their back, or even a monkey with learning difficulties!  Ironically, a lot more time and effort goes into developing effective marketing content than most people realise.

There is so much market saturation with content these days, in a multitude of shapes and forms, which is why making your voice heard amongst the crowd can be difficult. It’s not just about knowing how to write creatively that will make you stand-out as a content marketer to your audience, there are many different skillsets required.  From formatting to search engine optimisation (SEO) and design to linking strategies, these are just some of the technical skills a digital copywriter needs to possess to initially create online content.

Then, the next step in the process is having detailed knowledge of digital marketing strategy and techniques, to efficiently market your content to your specific target audience. Once you’ve attracted your audience’s attention, you then need to capture it, by providing information that’s valuable and relevant to them, before gradually building their trust and turning this into a conversion. Sounds difficult, that’s because it is!

As acquiring the skill-set of a digital copywriter is something that often takes many years of research and hands on learning. I am going to provide a couple of simple and essential content marketing tips that you need to know. You can either incorporate these in your content marketing strategy, or alternatively track down a digital specialist to put the effort in for you.


To effectively write for an audience, you need to firstly determine who that audience is. While it sounds simple, many businesses overlook this, and their attempts at content marketing fail dismally. Obviously, I don’t mean stalk your audience, (unless they’re cute), okay, I was only kidding! What I’m referring to, is using your knowledge of the demographics of the audience you’re targeting, to determine what information relating to the products, services or industry you’re writing about, is relevant to them.


If you want to keep your target market engaged, you need to post content regularly. Whether this is daily or weekly, it’s up to you what you believe is necessary, after considering your target audience and resources. Don’t just post one blog article or social media post and sit back and think you’re a content marketing guru, or you’ll be sadly disappointed!


Most people have a limited attention span, so images are important to initially attract your target audience’s attention.  You can also use graphs and infographics within your content to make your information easier to digest.

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