It’s not always having the best products and services that will help you convert your target market to invest in what you’re selling. Often, it’s your company culture that gives you an edge over your competitors. The reason for this is everyone holds different belief systems to be true, and their individual sense of morality has an impact on the products and services they buy.

For example, I like to buy free range chicken and eggs, and will only buy specific brands that I know provide humane conditions in their chicken and egg production. I also avoid buying products tested on animals. PETA spokeswoman, Pamela Anderson, has a similar philosophy, although she is committed to not wearing animal products. Ironically, she is renowned worldwide for wearing Uggboots, and has only recently revealed that she didn’t know she was wearing sheepskin. I would have thought the heavy wool lining might have alerted her that something was amiss!

Companies that embed philanthropy in their culture, and are dedicated to a higher vision and a broader sense of moral purpose than just increasing their profit margins, will reap benefits in multiple ways. These range from their staff having a greater sense of fulfillment in the workplace, to the community providing support due to the company’s social and charitable commitments. I consider philanthropy to be one of the greatest marketing tools ever introduced in business.

It’s vital that you incorporate your company’s philanthropic values and ventures in your digital marketing strategy, so that your customer base is aware of this integral aim. Which is why, I’ve outlined several key points on the importance of introducing philanthropy in your digital marketing below. For further assistance marketing your company’s philanthropic culture online, find a digital marketing specialist to create a targeted strategy for you.


By embracing giving back to the community through philanthropy, you often become more passionate about your business’ vision and mission. When this greater aim is shared by your staff, customers and shareholders, it drives both internal and external support for your business, both financially and socially. It is essential that your online audience is aware of your company’s dedication to philanthropy through your digital marketing, to increase the level of support your business receives. An effective way of doing this is through online articles highlighting the specific community projects and charities your business is involved with.


If you create a connection between your company, customers and community, you can successfully build a corporate identity through philanthropy, instantly leading to stronger relationships with your customer base. By highlighting that you have a greater interest than just making money, through online marketing of your company’s philanthropic pursuits, your customers are going to feel a stronger sense of loyalty to your business.


Emotions are often a motivating factor in the purchasing of products and services. If you instil positive emotion in your customer base, through a higher sense of moral purpose, such as a percentage of your profits going to a charity or community project, it is often the defining factor that converts you making a sale. Through digital marketing if you make your customer base aware that you donate some of your profits to charity, it will increase your sales leads and conversions.

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