LinkedIn is one of the most integral platforms for networking and marketing online, so it’s vital to know how to create articles that will engage your target audience. Before I provide you with some tips on how to write a LinkedIn article that appeals to, and is read by the online audience you’re targeting, I need to initially provide you with some feedback on your author by-line. Do not call yourself a guru, ninja or some other self-inflated name that you believe will make you sound technically advanced and cool, because it will only make you look like a pompous ass! I once worked with a guy who called himself a “Black Ops” Domainer on LinkedIn, which my colleagues and I rapidly determined translated to idiot who could talk a big game but couldn’t deliver.

When selecting your author by-line you need to incorporate your role and what you do. For example:

Melissa Mackrell | I develop and implement social media campaigns to give my clients a unique voice in their digital environment | Social Media Manager & Strategist.

Once you have a good author by-line, now it’s time to write a great article! If you struggle with writing interesting, industry specific copy, you can always source a social media marketing specialist to help you create an effective LinkedIn content strategy and campaign.


To expertly network on LinkedIn you need to establish the specific demographic you’re trying to reach, whether it’s within your industry or another that’s interrelated. When writing your blog articles, you need to choose the topic of your content and voice to target your LinkedIn audience demographic.


The image attached to your LinkedIn blog article is the drawcard that initially grabs your audience’s attention, so always choose this carefully. It’s also important that the image you choose is topic orientated, to reinforce what your article is about.


If you focus on creating interesting and insightful headlines for your LinkedIn articles, you will instantly hook your target audience, so they want to know more!


Always share on other social media platforms as well as LinkedIn, for better audience reach and engagement.


By embedding videos in your articles, you will appeal to a broader audience who prefer a varied content mix. Another benefit of embedding videos in your articles is attracting and holding your audience’s focus, by giving them another alternative to reading straight content.

By following these essential tips, you will have a higher rate of success reaching and engaging your target audience on LinkedIn through your blog posts. For further assistance with developing content and marketing campaigns for LinkedIn and other social media platforms, contact the digital and social media marketing experts at Ad On Digital. You can either call the team on (07) 5586 1400 or send them an email if you’d like to know more!