With recent statistics highlighting that 80 per cent of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2019, it’s a no-brainer that incorporating video in your marketing campaigns is essential to reach your online audience. But if you post a video campaign without having a strategy, structure and clear goals of what you are trying to achieve, you will be about as successful as Shane Warne trying to get a date on Tinder! So it’s vital that you decide on your purpose, whether it is to build your brand awareness, generate sales leads or convert your audience.

Once you’ve determined your campaign goal or goals, you can more effectively decide on the video content and marketing strategy that will help you achieve these. Whether you choose to publish ‘how to’ videos, video advertising, behind the scenes footage at events or even tell a story that appeals to your audience, your options are endless when it comes to video marketing content. But the key is to only publish video content that is of interest to your online target market.

To help you better engage your audience through video content I’ve provided some tips below. If you don’t have the time to create videos and manage your video marketing campaigns, source a digital marketing specialist to assist you.


Social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer the auto-play feature, which translated means that when users scroll over your video in the news feed it automatically starts playing. So it’s important that the start of your video is so captivating your audience continues to watch.


It’s essential to capture and hold your online audience’s attention quickly with video marketing, preferably within 10 seconds or less. If you don’t connect with your audience early there’s a good chance you’ll lose them. You either need to let them know the value in continuing to watch your video in the first few frames, or make the footage so compelling they won’t want to turn it off!


There is a large segment of online users, both in Australia and overseas, who suffer from some form of hearing impairment. By adding subtitles to your video, it not only highlights your company is socially conscious, it also allows you to connect with a broader online audience.


Did you know that videos featuring native animals and birdlife are generally prioritised over non-native alternatives? By publishing native videos you can grow your online audience rapidly. Just ensure that publishing a native video is relevant to your business marketing, such as your company being involved in a wildlife charity.

These are some of the many ways you can improve your video marketing content to connect with your online audience more effectively. For further assistance with developing a video campaign and marketing strategy, speak to the video marketing specialists at Ad On Digital today. You can either call them on (07)5586 1400 or send them an email if you have any questions.