While Coca Cola can throw millions of dollars at celebrities to promote their products in marketing campaigns, it doesn’t always ensure they get results. For example, Rihanna was sponsored by Diet Coke for a TV fashion show that ended up failing miserably due to poor marketing and lacklustre content. I also believe a major issue was Rihanna had confused the brief as to what Coke product she needed to promote, gauging from a recent Coachella music festival incident!

If you do the research and get to know your target market, you can deliver an effective video campaign without a big marketing spend behind you. An important tip before you publish your campaign, it’s crucial to know which social media and digital platforms your online audience use on a regular basis, or else you run the risk of marketing on the wrong platforms.

To help you get the best results from your video marketing campaigns, without breaking the bank, follow my simple tips below. If you don’t have a strong background in video marketing, it’s a smart option to source a specialist to create your video campaign for you.


Whether you choose to post your marketing video on Facebook and embed it in your weekly e-newsletter or upload it to your YouTube and Instagram accounts, always cross promote to see which platforms offer the highest engagement.


By split testing several videos on the same topic, by changing the length, where you place the call-to-action and also what image frames you use at the beginning, you can see by your audience engagement which is more successful. Once you’ve determined which video has a better response with your target audience, then you can create a paid campaign that you know will get results. This avoids you wasting any marketing dollars.


When running paid video campaigns on a budget, for the best results your video needs to be airing when your target market will be watching, which is why scheduling is essential. Scheduling enables you to target prime viewing times, so you’re not paying for marketing around the clock, which can get expensive and doesn’t offer the best return on investment (ROI).

These are some vital tips to follow to deliver a video marketing campaign that gets results. If you require further assistance with creating targeted video marketing content and campaigns, contact the experts at Ad On Digital today! The video marketing specialists can grow your audience reach and conversions. Call them on (07) 55861400 or send them an email if you have any queries.