When it comes to video marketing platforms, You Tube would have to be the current leader, hands down. I don’t know about you, but I often check out YouTube and wonder why some of the videos are recommended by the platform for suggested viewing, especially those that aren’t funny, interesting or quirky, just strange or disturbing. Think Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s recent video apology to Australia regarding the great dog conspiracy. I know I’m not the only viewer to consider that those two have been hitting the Xanax, or are a few beers short of a slab!

Well, I’ve been doing some research into the reasons why some videos make the You Tube suggestion list, while others get lost amongst Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake. To help you have more success with your YouTube video marketing campaigns, I’ve provided some important tips below, based on my findings.

If you aren’t technically savvy, but you understand the need for video marketing in your business marketing strategy, invest in a specialist to design a video and campaign for you.


There are many statistics available online that promote having shorter videos when marketing for business, to capture and hold your audience’s attention. This is definitely viable on your business’ website, but when it comes to YouTube’s algorithms, bigger is better! Watch time plays a crucial role in determining whether or not a video makes it to the suggested videos column, so ensure your marketing videos for YouTube are longer, and keep your audience engaged!


Everyone involved in social media loves the “feel good” rush of endorphins when people like or share their posts or videos. But, when it comes to YouTube, physical engagement from your audience vital for you to make it up the rankings and reach VIP status of suggested videos. The higher the likes, shares and even dislikes, the better your response from YouTube! There are ways you can gain rapport with your audience, to increase their physical response after publishing your video. By posting a question, such as “what was your favourite part of the video?” you can often motivate your audience to provide feedback.


By optimising your YouTube video titles, by using popular organic search terms, you will more likely be found by your targeted audience. The more regularly your audience selects your video, the higher the chances of it being picked up in YouTube’s algorithm and added to their suggested videos list. Updating your video’s metadata, such as keywords and categories, also helps you optimise your video for an increased audience hit rate.

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