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Unsubscribe / Opt Outs from your mailing list

Once you have sent your email or text campaign, members of your database have the option to unsubscribe or opt out from receiving marketing messages from you.

Our campaign system manages all your unsubscribes and opt outs, so that customers who have selected this option will not receive another marketing message from your account.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure all unsubscribed and opt out names have been removed, not only from your email or text campaign account, but also from your database. Emailing a commercial message to recipients who have previously unsubscribed or have not signed up to receive emails from you is an offence under the Spam Act 2003.

I am duly authorised and I have read and understand the above, and hereby agree to indemnify PPPT Pty Ltd against any losses arising out of or in connection with failure to comply with the obligations under the Spam Act 2003.