Let’s be honest, if you have a business, life is generally just a juggling act. Trying to fit in family or a personal life, keeping on top of your bookkeeping and accounts, making sure your staff are doing their jobs, instead of checking out Facebook, eBay or even surfing the latest porn channels! Most business owners out there will be feeling me right now!

You may have been an avid reader at some point, but as your lifestyle gets busier, it’s generally just scanning documents, an online news article from time to time or checking out websites, looking for products, services or the latest on Kim Kardashians booty, which now has its own time zone!

Your reading habits are not unusual, but a mirror of the rest of the world.  It’s a digital age now and whether we like it or not, visual images are everything. Most people scan read content, unless there is something specific they require more detailed information on, or random nudities involved!  Which is why visual mediums, such as infographics are the future of digital marketing.

Once you read through the facts listed below, you will understand why it’s vital to incorporate infographics in your digital marketing or find an infographics specialist to do this for you.


  • 90 per cent of all information that is processed by the brain is visual
  • Images are processed 60,000 times quicker than words
  • At least 65 per cent of the population are visual learners
  • A majority of the population only remember 20 per cent of the content they read


Infographic video marketing allows you to showcase products and services in an innovative format, and transfer alot of information in a short space of time, so you hold and capture your audience’s attention, no matter how busy their lifestyle is!


The brain actually filters 99 per cent of sensory information, so only unusual, interesting or novel information makes the cut.

Based on this, you need to make your infographic images and script unique and full of specialised, content, created for your individual target market. The goal is to instantly grab their attention and leave them wanting more!

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