Everyone has favourite brands whose products they like to buy. Whether its cars, clothes, perfume, mobile phones or electrical products, we all gravitate toward specific brands for different reasons. When Puff Daddy, aka P Diddy, aka Puffy, aka Sean Combs, released a clothing line ironically branded “Sean John” (maybe due to a reoccurring memory lapse or he was otherwise escaping a paternity suit), it became an overnight sensation in the US.

The famous rapper had already built himself into a brand through his music and glamorous lifestyle, which is why his label “Sean John” did so well, as statistics say 21 per cent of consumers purchase products from brands they already like.

Which is why transforming your business into a brand is so important, not only for business to consumer (B2C) sales, but also for business to business (B2B) transactions.  To highlight how much branding influences sales, I’ve provided some key points below. If you need help building your brand, as you’re uncertain how to do this successfully, find a branding expert to provide this service for you.


Recent statistics have revealed that 38 per cent of consumers will recommend a brand that they have either followed or liked on social media. This also highlights the importance of incorporating social media to develop and promote your brand.


Does a brand of children’s clothing you like have memorable advertising of cute kids that makes you feel all warm of fuzzy inside? Branding that evokes emotions results in 3 times more word-of-mouth marketing, whether it’s funny, sad, cute or even quirky!


If you consider that 80 per cent of consumers will turn to to brands they follow on social media for product and service solutions, branding is essential to sales! It can also be ascertained through this statistic that effective social media marketing is key to increasing market reach as a brand.


More than 64 per cent of consumers will open an email from a trusted brand. Which also highlights how vital branding is for email marketing campaigns when selling products or services.

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