I’m sure most Australians remember the iconic VB advertising campaign, with commercials spouting “a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer… and the best cold beer is Vic… Vic Bitter.” The commercials had images of men working the land, playing sport and doing a range of outdoor activities… which combined with the catchy slogan, resulted in this being one of the most memorable marketing campaigns of all time, for brand recognition. But why were the VB commercials so successful? The simple answer is the marketing campaign tapped into authentic human experience, epitomising the quintessential Australian working man.

Which is why we watch the Kardashian’s, because we can all relate to the high-rolling lifestyles of vacuous multimillionaires married to major sporting and music stars, who constantly get plastic surgery…? I don’t know about you, but I think I’d settle for the VB commercial!

Emotion is the key to creating great video marketing. Many big brands are already cashing in on this, such as Bud Light in their hilarious Super Bowl commercials, including the recent 2016 “Bud Light Party”. By leveraging the power of human emotion in your videos, just as they have, it will increase your audience engagement and grow your brand.

I’ve highlighted several key techniques that can assist you when creating effective, emotional video content. If you need further assistance with your video marketing campaign, find a specialist to design and implement one for you.


Designing videos that are based on an inspiring real-life story will help you engage your audience, without your video appearing manufactured. There are many unique stories you can draw upon for your video marketing campaign, which will tug on the heartstrings and result in increased brand recognition and awareness. Not-for-profit organisations, such as World Vision, understand the importance of tapping into authentic human experience with their video marketing campaigns, to deliver their marketing fundraising goals. For example, World Vision ads often tell the stories of children in developing countries, who no longer live in poverty due to their financial support.


A recent study revealed positive thinking increases your ability to make decisions, which is vital information when designing video marketing campaigns. If you can create a video that makes your audience feel a heightened positive emotional response, you are more likely going to have a better return on investment (ROI), as your audience will feel compelled to make a strategic decision after viewing.


It’s important to find the perfect balance of logic with emotion in your video marketing campaign. What this means is while the integral focus of your video is to evoke emotion, it must also have a logical message to tie the two concepts together, so that the video is relatable to your target audience.

If you don’t have the expertise in video marketing to create an effective targeted campaign for yourself, Ad On Digital can design one for you. Contact the friendly team today on (07) 5586 1412 or send them an email to find out more!