After working in social media for many years, and watching marketing techniques and strategies come and go, there is one major lesson that I have learned. The secret to social media marketing success is being unique!

In a world where we are surrounded by cookie cutter aesthetics of beauty and socially defined belief systems, consumers are looking for a point of difference, something real, that is relatable on an emotional level!

We are constantly bombarded by stars promoting the latest products, such as Paris Hilton advertising Carl Junior Burgers, who looks like she’s never seen a carb in her life! People are searching for genuine experience, an authentic story that draws them in to not just love a product or service, but respect the brand.

So how can you be unique, when you are competing with so many other brands wanting to stand out through social media? The key is to stop trying to compete, and instead focus on your point of difference and connecting with your audience on a more personal level.

To help you stand out from the crowd I’ve provided some important tips below. You can either incorporate these in your social media campaign, or hire an expert to do this for you.


Instead of focusing on the hard sell through advertising, entertain your audience so that they like you and trust you, and then gradually introduce your products. A recent survey highlighted that 72 per cent of people preferred content to learn about products, rather than paid advertising.


Consumers are looking for brands that genuinely want to help them, not just promise the world, and once they’ve secured the sale, move on to the next customer. If you use your social media platforms to support your target audience, by answering questions and solving problems for them, you don’t just have them for that initial sale, you will probably have them for life!


Your social media platforms highlight your individuality as a brand, and are often the channels that your target audience visit to identify not only your products and services, but who you are as a brand. To effectively sell your brand on social media be real, tell feel good stories, poke fun at yourself, be genuine and authentic, and watch your followers and conversions grow naturally!

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