Scope Of Work – Video Premium & Email Signature

The “customer” defined is the company to which the service is being provided to by the company. The “company” is Ad On Digital. Your Premium Package is defined as “The Project”.

Ad On Digital to provide:

  1. Up to 2min in length marketing animation video, depending on the business requirements.
  2. An html email (digital) brochure, with links to customer video, website, phone and email address.
  3. All copywriting, graphic design, animation and royalty free backing music and images – for video and digital brochure.
  4. A draft video and digital brochure will be sent to customer for viewing and approval, prior to delivery of final package.
  5. The company will upload the project onto the customer’s email campaign management account for the customer to send out to their email contact list. The company will provide the account for the customer to activate.
  6. The company will provide full campaign reports to measure the success of the marketing campaign and provide future recommendations.
  7. HTML email signatures
  8. Draft email signatures will be emailed for customer checking and approval, prior to delivery of final files.


The following is not covered under the Ad On Digital Scope Of Works:

  1. Hosting of the MP4 file after the initial 4-week launch of the project. After this time, it will be the responsibility of the customer to upload the video to a 3rd party service provider (eg: YouTube, Vimeo).
  2. It is the company’s responsibility to send the project to their email list.
  3. The company will deactivate the customer’s email campaign management account once the email campaign has been sent out, or until the customer is ready to send their email campaign. When the customer is ready to activate their account, it is their responsibility to make a request in writing to the company.
  4. The customer may only send out to a maximum of 10,000 email contacts, up to 5 times during their campaign. Between 10,000 – 50,000 contacts will incur a $250 Ex GST cost to the customer, per 30 day campaign. This cost is over and above any other charges.

Timeline (subject to change based upon client’s approval):

  1. Executed Scope Of Works
  2. Project Kickoff
  3. Milestone 1: Script approval
  4. Milestone 2: Video & Digital Brochure approval
  5. Milestone 3: Customer to open their email campaign manager account
  6. Milestone 4: The company will supply the customer the project
  7. Milestone 5: Customer receives HTML email signatures


Approval Timeframes:

The customer will provide timely feedback. If the customer does not approve the script within 10 days of receipt, the company will produce a video and digital brochure outlining the customer’s general products and services. This is called the customised generic. The company is not responsible for delays, errors or omissions resulting from customer’s action or inaction, and will not be liable for any claims related to materials, specifications, and information provided by customer to the company for the project.

The company will deem the project completed, should the customer be given the customised generic version. Should the customer at any stage after receiving the customised generic version wish to change the project, the company will do this free of charge for the customer.


In view of the fact that the company’s work will bring the company into close contact with many confidential affairs of the customer not readily available to the public, and plans for future developments, company agrees to keep secret all matters, except for the existence of this engagement generally, and further agrees not to disclose any such matters to anyone outside of the company throughout the term of this agreement, without written consent from the customer.

The customer will need to activate their email campaign management account and upload their email contacts to send out. The company will not have access to the customer’s email contact list. The company will be able to see the results of the campaign in order to report on the analytics to measure the success of the campaign.

Customer Responsibility:
It is the customer’s responsibility to reply to the company in writing if you do not agree with these terms and conditions.

Version 7 updated 26/10/16