Social media is one of the most valuable tools available for marketing your business online. The reason for this is it provides you with platforms that can be tailored to strategically promote your products and services, for the highest audience engagement and conversion.

But the key to social media marketing is you need to have a strategy in place to utilise these platforms effectively. Unlike Kanye West, who settles for vapid self-promotion, recently posting on Twitter, “maybe I couldn’t be skinny and tall, but I’ll settle for being the greatest artist of all time as a consolation.” Definitely a class act!

A social media strategy is simply a plan for how you are going to incorporate social media within your business, to attain your main marketing aim. For a social media strategy to be effective, it needs to be used to guide all social media activities. While the way a business achieves their marketing aim through social media is an evolving process, the strategy should remain a constant.

To create a social media strategy, you need to decide on your social media marketing goals. To assist you developing your own social media strategy, I’ve outlined these below. If you would like help with your social media strategy and goals, invest in a digital marketing specialist to guide you.


While your social media marketing goals will generally align with the traditional marketing focus of your business, to drive leads and increase revenue, these will vary slightly because of the platforms with which you’ll be working. Your social media marketing goals could include: growing your target market, increasing your audience engagement, introducing new products or services, or generating sales leads through promotional offers. While all of these social media marketing goals are targeted to build revenue for your business, it is done indirectly, rather than through a traditional marketing sales pitch and channel.


By analysing your business, you should be able to determine what your social media strengths are, and most importantly, how these can be correlated to reach your goal of having the most influential social media presence. For example, if you have the expertise and resources to create great marketing videos, then showcasing your business on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook would be a smart option to grow your online audience.


There’s no point having social media goals that can’t be measured, or else how can you determine whether or not you’ve been successful? Whether you are aiming for a specific number of followers you’d like to grow each week, or an increase in audience engagement on a daily basis, introduce measurable goals in your strategy to aim for. A tip with selecting these, ensure your goals are attainable with the resources and platforms you have at your disposal.

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