So your digital and social media marketing has finally managed to get the attention of your target market. You’ve even managed to sell them a product or service… so you’re feeling on top of the world… but how do you keep them? While it’s good to secure your initial conversion… long-term acquisition is where the real money’s at!

Think of it like seeing someone incredibly hot in a bar, you smile at them, they smile back, great eye contact,  things are looking good, you’re definitely in. Time for a quick trip to the toilet and on your way back, casually swing past their table and say something incredibly cool… that you’re still working on… but you know it’s going to be good! Things all go to plan… until you reach their table… and they start laughing at you because you’ve got toilet paper sticking out the back of your pants!

So while you made the initial conversion… they obviously liked you… you lost the bigger prize which could have been a date… leading to a relationship… then marriage! Okay, you get the picture… only avoid the marriage… unless they can cook… and clean toilets… and stay incredibly ripped all year round…. I don’t have high expectations… right?

So how do you convert your target market to regularly following your brand, in order to achieve your goal, to sell your products or services?

I’ve provided some simple and easy tips on how to retain your client base, through digital marketing. You can either incorporate these tips yourself in your digital marketing strategy or you can utilise the services of a digital specialist, to do the hard work for you!


Whether you offer weekly webinars, e-newsletters, special deals, whatever it takes to secure your target market to become email subscribers then that’s your goal. Because once your target market is a subscriber, you can engage with them and introduce new products and services.


Many browsers now have desktop notifications built into the operating systems of either a Mac or PC. Once your target market accesses your site they will be given the option of receiving notifications each time you publish something, such as company blogs for example.


By regularly posting content or other media that is valuable to your target market, you can increase your social media following. Once you gain credibility as an authority in your field, you can gradually introduce new products or services. What you need to remember is, you can’t successfully sell to your market, until you have gained trust, like any other relationship.


Having a feed subscription is still a viable way to increase and retain your target market. You just need to ensure that the content you supply through your feed is relevant to your audience and gives them a reason to check it out regularly.

If you need help retaining and growing your client base through digital and social media engagement contact the digital specialists at Ad On Digital. Have a question or query? Email the team today!