One way communication on social media might work if you are Channing Tatum… actually he wouldn’t even have to post words…  I’d be happy with just pictures! If you aren’t Channing Tatum, and you are wanting to grow your social media audience for business, you need to get engaged!

When your audience goes to the effort of tracking down your business through social media, it is a fair assumption that they are doing it for one of three main reasons. The first of these is to find out more about your business. Whether this is to discover further information on your products or services, or even to see if you have any philanthropic interests with charities or community groups, whatever the motivating factors are, they want to know more.

The second reason that audiences will often search you out on social media is to see if you have free giveaways, sales, or exclusive offers that are only available via these channels.

Finally, the last reason, but definitely not least, is they want to actively engage with you, so you can answer questions or solve problems for them, relating to your field, industry, products or services.

If you want to convert your social media audience, interacting or engaging with them on a personal basis is key. Once you break down the barriers that develop when consumers believe you are only pursuing your own business interests, by responding to their personal needs, conversions will come naturally.

I’ve highlighted some valuable points below, on how to more actively engage your audience for a higher rate of conversion. If you need further assistance with social media engagement, invest in the services of a specialist.


By creating a social media group based on your field or industry, where you can answer all of your audience’s topical questions directly, you distinguish yourself as a specialist in your niche. Once your audience is convinced you have their best interests at heart, converting them to purchase your products and services is easy!


If there’s a social media group that provides a forum for the specific field or industry you are involved in, by becoming an advocate and advising the audience, you will gain their trust. If your audience believes in you, they will actively seek out your products and services.


By joining online chats through social media that relate to your industry, you can speak to your audience directly. This allows you to avoid the time lapse that often results from being in a group, and helps you create a more personal connection. If your audience is seeking the particular products and services your business supplies, when you introduce these into conversation it will become more natural. They will feel like they already know you, instead of being bombarded with a sales pitch from a complete stranger.

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