While words will always have the power to move you, images are often ingrained in your memory far longer than words will remain. Images instantly engage an audience and tell a story, while words take longer for the setting, characters and storyline to unfold. For example, remember the 2004 Superbowl when Janet Jackson had her infamous nipple slip in the halftime show! I’m sure no-one remembers the commentating that day, to be honest they’d be lucky to remember who scored!

The ability of images to instantly capture an audience’s attention is the key to why video marketing is so successful. But integral to this marketing concept, is being able to hold your audience’s attention, long enough to interest them in the products or services you are targeting in your marketing strategy. This is where the choice of platform is important.

To help you get better results from your video marketing, here are some tips on platforms that statistics have revealed ensure higher rates of conversion, whether this means audience engagement, lead generation or brand awareness. If you need further assistance creating or tailoring your video marketing campaign, invest in a digital marketing specialist.


Out of all the online marketing platforms, video sharing sites, such as YouTube, have been identified as being the most effective distribution channel for conversions. Recent statistics have highlighted that out of 73 per cent channel users, there was a conversion rate of 26 per cent.


Videos embedded in company or branded websites came in as the second most popular distribution channel, with a conversion rate of 23 per cent, out of 81 per cent of users. One of the major benefits of hosting your video on your company URL is your audience has a lower bounce rate, (meaning they leave your site quickly), as they are not viewing it on a separate marketing platform. Which translated, means you are more likely to convert the longer your audience stays on your site.


Another marketing platform which has had great results as a video distribution channel, is email marketing or e-newsletters. A survey comparing an email marketing campaign that was generated with a video embedded, to an email with just an image, uncovered the email with video added had a 21 per cent higher conversion rate.


Video marketing in posts on social networks such as Facebook, has also been identified as a successful distribution channel for audience conversions. Another advantage of using social media as a video marketing distribution channel, is the added functionality of being able to create paid campaigns from video marketing posts that have had a high engagement.

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