You’ve got your online marketing content, check, it’s been search engine optimised, check, you’re so excited you’re shouting about it from the rooftops… resulting in the neighbors thinking about taking out a restraining order! Okay, that wasn’t your smartest move.

While it’s vital to have specialised, targeted and interesting content in your online marketing content, how are you monetising it? There’s no point having quality online marketing content on your website, landing page, or your social media platforms, if you’re not getting any return on investment (ROI).

Even though we love to get that warm, fuzzy feeling from creating a great product or service… nothing beats the je ne sais of cold, hard, cash… especially when you’re driving a Toyota Corolla that they stopped making parts for in the ‘90’s! So how do you convert your online marketing content to sales? You either follow some of these tips below, or invest in the services of a social media specialist!


Social media platforms offer the tools to create paid advertising campaigns. But don’t go splashing money around Tom Cruise on a pre-nup, firstly assess your target market, work out a budget, and decide on a campaign schedule to most effectively achieve your goal.


Creating your own quality content is essential for your target market to realise that you are a specialist or authority at what you do, or the products you sell. Otherwise they may think you have as little chance of servicing their needs as Kanye West as President! But, you can also supplement your content with other sources that are specialists in your chosen field, if you feel that the content they offer is beneficial to your market. Don’t forget though, always credit the source!


A key element to any marketing campaign is a call-to-action. This is where you prompt your target market or audience to make a financial or emotional investment in what you’re marketing. But don’t try and introduce your pitch too early, or it will result in you getting shut down quicker than a Tony Abbott book signing! You need to build credibility first through introducing targeted online marketing content.


You’ve written a social media post and it’s gone viral… with likes, shares, and comments going through the roof! So do you just sit back and bask smugly in your awesomeness, like Lee Lin Chin in an SBS interview, or do you expand on the topic that’s given your brand major reach? It’s a no-brainer, create another post, or string of posts that delve further into this topic and watch your audience grow exponentially.

Wanting a better return on investment from you online content marketing, but don’t have the resources or time to dedicate to this? Contact the experts at Ad On Digital today!