Social media is one of the greatest online tools available to increase customer loyalty, if used effectively. By listening to, and proactively engaging with your customer’s online, they will feel like you are genuinely interested in their questions or concerns, which instantly gives you an edge over your competitors in the loyalty stakes.

Another great way of building customer loyalty through your social media platforms is running online competitions and special offers. But be careful if you add a website link for your social media customers to sign up for a competition, that you still lease the domain. Heinz worked this out the hard way when a customer tried entering their social media competition and it linked to a porn site!

To help you build customer loyalty using social media I’ve outlined some tips below. If you aren’t savvy with social media engagement, invest in the services of a social media manager to provide this service for you.


It’s vital to listen to customers before engaging, to avoid posting the wrong information. By identifying what platforms your audience are using, determining what products and services they’re talking about and seeing whether their discourse is positive or negative, this will help shape your response. For example, if customers are not using a product correctly, by posting tips on the best way to use this product, you can turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one.

But it’s important to remember,; never engage negatively with a customer. Or as the saying goes, “if you argue with an idiot no-one can tell you apart.” By responding reasonably and trying to fix your customer’s issues, it will show your online audience that you genuinely care, which will increase their loyalty.


If you study your customers carefully through social media, you will quickly identify your online advocates who are more passionate about your products and services. By connecting with these advocates you can create customer loyalty. A great way to do this is to introduce a VIP club or programme that gives them access to special offers.


By offering your online customers access to unique content through your social media, you can create company or brand loyalty. Whether you enable them to watch an exclusive interview with a key industry member or a behind-the-scenes video, the better you engage with your customers, the more loyalty you’ll receive, as this is your point of difference.

These are just some of the many ways to grow your customer loyalty through social media. If you don’t have the time or resources to engage your social media audience and you’re looking for an expert to manage your online platforms for you contact Ad On Digital today. The social media management specialists can develop social media campaigns and strategies, as well as create and publish posts targeted toward customer conversion. Call the team on (07) 5586 1412 to find out more or send them an email if you would like any queries answered.