Online audiences are savvy. They are looking for a genuine experience, have their favourite digital platforms and most importantly they are ‘you or me’. This is often what we forget as marketers when trying to connect with digital audiences. What inspires, excites and motivates us, are often the stories that cause the same emotional reactions in others. Which is why it’s important to incorporate stories or topics you relate to personally when developing content for your online audience, with an industry or field relevant angle.

Check out this viral video link of a  baby imitating the training montage from Rocky II for example. It’s cute, funny and instantly makes you feel an emotional connection. What’s also important to note is that emotional response is vital for content to go viral, and if you can tap into this with your marketing content and strategy, you’ve got a winning formula.

To help you develop marketing content that taps into genuine experience and enables you to have a deeper relationship with your audience, I’ve outlined some key focus areas below. If you are struggling to find the right strategy to grow a loyal online following, invest in a digital marketing expert to assist you.


While creating a “once in a lifetime” online offer may allow your business to make a fast return-on-investment (ROI) if you repeat the same offer more than once, you lose credibility with your audience. Brand credibility is vital to build a loyal online audience, and once this is lost there are no future sales of your products or services, which are your bread and butter. The reason for this is people only buy from those they trust.


A recent study revealed that happiness is the top emotional response resulting in viral content. Integrating humour in your online content is a great way to achieve a happiness response amongst your online audience (or just posting partially clothed images of Channing Tatum works for me!)


By disregarding the status quo with irreverent marketing content, you can connect with your audience on a personal level. Social commentary makes people think, and if you are reflecting their intrinsic beliefs, they will feel compelled to engage with you.


Online marketing that’s developed from genuine experience is one of the most effective ways to grow a larger and more engaged audience. By delving into authentic experience, you will create a deeper understanding with your digital followers and a heightened sense of trust.

By following the key concepts I’ve outlined above you’ll be able to build a higher level of trust and engagement with your audience, resulting in future conversions. Need assistance with content marketing strategy and campaigns? Speak to the digital marketing experts at Ad On Digital today! You can either call the team on (07) 5586 1400 or send them an email if you have any queries.