I know I’m not the only one who opens a business or personal inbox each day to find it overrun with emails marketing the latest deals, events or services. You’ve subscribed to a wine club one night when you’ve had a glass…. or bottle too many! Or you’ve paid someone off to dispose of an annoying ex and now they’re offering you a 2 for 1 contra deal… sorry, that’s only me, ain’t love grand!

So what do you generally do? Send most of these emails direct to junk or spam, resulting in you feeling annoyed at having to repeat the same process daily, due to your own idiocy in subscribing for everything, including the opening of an envelope! Which begs the question, what is incorporated in the remaining marketing emails that have helped these make the cut?

Electronic direct marketing (EDM) is a great tool to reach a vast audience or market. But in order for these to accomplish the EDM campaign goal, (generally to sell a product, concept or service), it is vital that the target market digests the information and follows the call-to-action (email proposal or instruction) before hitting delete!

To help you run a successful EDM, and avoid your emails becoming junk, I’ve provided some tips below. If you are uncertain how to create an EDM campaign and strategy, find a digital specialist to do the work for you!


Ensure that your email marketing is personalised, so you connect with your target market. Studies have shown that personalised emails have a 20 per cent higher open rate.


If you consider the fact that more than half of the emails being opened around the world are being viewed on a mobile device, recent statistics have revealed, it’s not rocket science that your EDM needs to be responsive and easy to read on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. It’s also been uncovered that 70 per cent of consumers will disregard an unresponsive email on their mobile device.


You need to regularly update your database and ensure that when you send your EDM it is going to the right segment of your target market. This will help to stop it being sent to the wrong inbox, where it will most likely end up as spam!


As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” so don’t screw it up! Create a well- designed EDM that will attract your target market and effectively sell your products and services… then sit back and reap the benefits!



Whether you want your target market to buy your product of service, contact your company, subscribe to your e-newsletter or e-book, make sure your call-to-action is clear! Your EDM campaign is a waste of time if your target market are uncertain about what they need to be doing to respond!

Want an EDM designed that is fully responsive and don’t have the time or resources? Call the digital experts at Ad On Digital on 1300 055 091 to create a targeted campaign to wow your target market! You can also email the team if you have any queries.