Search engine optimisation (SEO), are the buzzwords you’re hearing everywhere when people are discussing online marketing. You know it’s important, but it sounds so technical and confusing, as there are so many different theories, that you don’t even know where to start! In a nutshell, SEO is how you gear your digital marketing to help you rank higher in online searches. The reality is, if you’re not on the front page when your target market is doing a search for the products and services you provide, you’re generally dead in the water, like Brittney Spears rapidly fading pop career!

Something else you also need to know, is Google is God when it comes to online ranking.  Another valuable insight, is its best not to listen to offshore emails promoting instant results from SEO, as many of these companies are using black hat tactics or tricks that will work initially to boost your ranking, and then get you penalised by Google to a place where not even your mother will find you!

So to help you not annoy Google and end up on page 100 or banned, like a drunken cousin deciding to streak at a family reunion, as well as to help you achieve the Holy Grail of first page ranking, I have provided some vital tips for effective SEO. It’s up to you whether you choose to follow these tips to improve your online ranking or invest in a SEO specialist to do the hard yards for you!


Google has a formula, otherwise known as an algorithm, to determine whether your digital marketing indicates that you are specialised in your specific field or industry. Content is key to affirming this. Your online content should be informative and specialised, as well as incorporate industry specific terms.


Keywords are words that consumers will type into a search engine to find a specific product or service. It is important to include these naturally throughout your content, as these act like beacons for Google when your target market or audience is doing an online search, and will help you to get found before your competitors with poor SEO.


Links can either be used internally or externally in your digital marketing to assist your target market to navigate your page, or help Google and other search engines find you. You are on the money if you can get other industry respected sources to backlink to your site, as it builds your credibility in the products or services you provide!


Google and other search engines want to send consumers to the most specialised, informative, current and industry specific online marketing sources, for a better user experience. What does this mean for digital marketing? You always need to keep your content updated with the latest industry and field advancements, whether it’s information, services or products.


Analytics is just another word for results, or key performance indicators. It’s essential to regularly assess your online marketing analytics to see what’s working. Check what pages your audience are viewing, as well as the bounce rate (how long they’re on these pages), this helps you identify what is working and what’s not, so you can fix these problem areas for better ranking.

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