Creating an inspired video marketing campaign is a fantastic way to help you extend your market reach. Unfortunately, unless your campaign is search engine optimised (SEO) to rank well in online searches, you will have about as much success getting found on Google and other search engines, as Tony Abbott has of reviving his political career!

SEO is vital in any form of digital marketing, as it assists search engines finding your business when your target market is specifically looking for the products and services you provide. But the difficulty with online searches, is most consumers are time poor and generally won’t look past the first page or two in the search results. But, if you’re strategic with how you incorporate SEO in your digital marketing, it can instantly give you an edge over your competitors, even if they are a bigger company than you.

This is what makes SEO such an exciting and revolutionary facet of digital marketing. If you work smarter not harder and do the research, you can expand your reach and audience engagement far greater than other businesses selling similar products and services to you.

I’ve provided some vital tips below on how to incorporate SEO in your video marketing campaign. If you need further assistance with creating an effective video marketing campaign, source a digital marketing specialist to do the hard work for you!


Make sure you add tags to the metadata of your video marketing. Tags are like beacons for Google and other search engines, identifying whether or not your video correlates to the subject of your audiences search. When selecting tags, try to use keywords that your audience will directly type into a search engine.


By adding a detailed description when you embed your video on your website or upload it to social media sites such as YouTube, you will increase your opportunity to gain more traffic, as well as exposure. Your description should have relevant keywords distributed naturally in the body of the content to alert your audience and search engines of the specific topic of your video.


The easier it is for users to embed your video on their sites or social media platforms, the greater your reach and engagement, which is also a major benefit for SEO. Google and other search engines rank videos better that have a higher level of audience engagement.


Having a title that stands out will help drive traffic and engagement to your video. Funny, quirky or more diverse titles are often an effective drawcard to capture your audience’ attention.

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