Running a social media contest can be a great way to engage and grow your social media audience, as your followers and greater online community will be enticed by getting something for free. But it’s important when deciding on the prize for your competition, it’s something that will be sought after by your audience to ensure successful results.

The reason I say this is because my experiences of free giveaways, either in contests or from friends or family, haven’t generally been great. I remember one of the worst examples of this was when my great grandmother died, and all of my siblings and I received something in her will.

I was so excited thinking I would receive a treasured piece of jewellery or antique doll, but instead I was given my great grandmothers ruffled pink, quilted dressing gown. To make matters worse, my siblings told me that she’d died in it, so I developed a morbid fear of the garment.

To help you develop a contest that will interest and attract your target social media audience, as well as select a suitable prize, I’ve outlined 4 important tips below. If you’re not very social media savvy, you can also find a specialist to manage your social media campaigns and competitions for you.


All activities involved in social media marketing for your brand should be focused toward your business marketing goals, and your competition should have a marketing objective based on this. For example, if your marketing goal is to build your email list, then get participants to subscribe to your competition by email.


When deciding on the prize for your competition, it’s important to take into consideration the time and effort that is required by your social media audience to participate, and make sure it is comparable.


Hosting a contest shows appreciation for your social media audience and increases your engagement with them. By asking your social media followers to provide content to participate in your competitions, such as videos and images, if you post this on your platforms you will make them feel special and engage with them on a personal level. This will build brand loyalty.


By checking out other brands that are gaining positive results from social media competitions, you can also gain inspiration for running your own.

By following these tips you will have a higher rate of success with your social media competitions. If you struggle to develop targeted social media campaigns and competitions, speak to the social media specialists at Ad On Digital today! The team can manage your social media marketing, to engage and convert a greater audience. Call them on (07) 5586 1400 or send them an email if you’d like to find out more!