While electronic direct marketing (EDM) campaigns can be a great way to reach your target market to sell a particular concept, product or service, if the only people on your mailing list are your mum, dad and your best mate, chances are you’re not going to become a millionaire overnight using this method!

So before you focus on creating an email marketing campaign with all the bells…  whistles… and maybe even tassels you can think of,  it’s time to grow your mailing list!

The key to increasing your mailing list is to “hook” your audience by offering them something of value for free. I’m a sucker for healthy recipes. I’ve subscribed to nearly every healthy cooking blog under the sun for free mail outs of recipes. (I’m still waiting to find out how I can make vodka out of kale and then I’ll be set for life!)

To help you grow your mailing list, I’ve listed several different ways you can add value to your digital marketing to get your target market to subscribe. You can incorporate these techniques for yourself or source a digital marketing specialist to provide this service for you!


By creating a landing page that your target market has to directly access before they enter your website or blog, you have a small window of time to grab their attention and get them to subscribe to your mailing list. You can offer a free download of an instructional video that’s relevant to your market… or even an e-book… or webinar… that they have to initially enter their name and email address to access.


A recent statistic has revealed that 47 per cent of websites have a call-to-action button that is visible in under 3 seconds of opening the site. This is a simple, direct and streamlined way of growing your mailing list. By adding a call-to-action button to your social media or digital marketing, such as health food blogs offering a click here to receive “free recipes” by email, once your target markets entered their email details, you’ve automatically locked them in for future marketing campaigns.


Gated videos are a smart way of increasing your mailing list quickly and easily. Wistia is a fantastic video hosting service that is similar to YouTube, but has the added benefit of conversion tools such as calls-to-action and email collectors. By only enabling your target market to be able to play a video through Wistia by adding their name and email address first, they are now on your mailing list.


Whether you host a competition that your target market has to subscribe to enter or you offer a review feature or comment section on a website or blog that requires an email address to complete, feedback is a great way to convert your target market to indirectly join your mailing list.

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