Thinking of distributing an e-newsletter or wanting to grow your reach for marketing new products and special offers? Email marketing is the answer! But you can’t just ask people to hand over personal information without giving them a valid reason as to how it will benefit them personally. You need to offer your target market something of value to get them to subscribe, or you’ll have about the same success rate as a drunk stranger spilling their drink all over you and then trying to ask you out, unless of course the stranger was Chris Hemsworth… or maybe even Ryan Reynolds!

To get your target market to subscribe for email marketing there are several different channels available. Whether you embed a sign-up form on your website, landing page, blog or social media platforms, these can all achieve good results in capturing email addresses. But the key to ensuring a high number of subscribers is for your sign-up process to be simple, quick and easy. If you have a long sign-up form, people often won’t subscribe.

I’ve highlighted some important tips below that will assist you with creating an effective email marketing campaign to keep your subscribers on your mailing list for the long-term. If you don’t have the time to develop an email marketing campaign, or you need help with a landing page or email subscription form, invest in a digital marketing specialist to undertake this project for you.


Once you’ve convinced you target audience to subscribe, it’s a good idea to reaffirm with them why signing up to your mailing list was a smart move. There are many ways you can do this. For example, you could provide them with a special offer or some exclusive content, and highlight that it was only available to subscribers.


Make sure your email marketing is formatted so that it is easy to digest, as most of your audience will be time poor due to fast paced lifestyles, and won’t read your email if it looks too content heavy. You can break up content with images, videos, graphs or infographics to increase scannability.


With email marketing campaigns, it’s important that you segmentalise your audience, so that you are sending relevant content to different parts of your market. If you don’t spend the time to separate your audience into niches, your email marketing will not work efficiently in gaining you conversions.


Just because your email marketing campaign looks good on a laptop, does not mean it will be configured the same way on a mobile device. Ensure your email marketing campaign is easy to read on all devices and search engines, so you don’t lose your audience because they get tired of trying to translate your email on a Smart Phone, iPhone or tablet.

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