Nothing transmits information as quickly as images, which is why YouTube and other video marketing platforms are a great way to sell your business online. But generally, uploading dry, technical videos won’t get you the market reach you’re looking for, as these won’t inspire people to want to find out more. I’m not suggesting you follow Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s home video tips in order to go viral, but it’s good to think outside the square to entice your target market to hit play!

It’s a well-known fact that emotion is key when it comes to marketing, so creating a video that evokes happiness, sadness, anger, fear or other emotions, is more likely to be watched and shared. You’ll also find that most people only have a short attention span, especially as lifestyles get busier and responsibilities compound. So you need to be careful your video isn’t too long; this well help avoid your audience becoming distracted.

To help you create more shareable YouTube videos, I’ve provided 3 simple and easy tips to follow… that don’t involve nudity! If you’re short on time or resources, source a video marketing expert to create videos with impact for you.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for animal videos! Whether they’re cute, funny, sad, I’ll watch them all, and often share these with friends or colleagues. By incorporating unconventional themes, like animals doing weird and wonderful things, in your YouTube videos, you’re more likely to get better market reach.


In order to qualify leads from your YouTube video, you need to leave your target market wanting more! While your main focus is to create a video that is engaging and educating, you want it to drive people to your website, which is where you will sell them on your products and services. So don’t reveal all your secrets in your videos. The aim is to raise their curiosity levels, which will motivate your audience to check out your website!


Telling a story in your YouTube video is often an effective technique to capture your target markets attention. You don’t have to tell a story that directly relates to your business, if you don’t believe it will engage your audience.  Instead, attempt to indirectly correlate your story to your business culture, products or services at the end.

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