Endless self-promotion doesn’t grow your social media followers. Take Kanye West for example… aka the next US President… or as he’s more humbly known Yeezus. This is an intrinsic understanding you need to grasp when marketing to social media audiences. Online audiences don’t want to be inundated with tales of pseudo glamorous lifestyles or tedious status updates filled with sales pitches… or Instagram lunches. To increase and engage your audience through social media marketing you need to be real and connect with them through humanising your posts.

When I refer to humanising, it means changing the tone and word choice of your posts to allow your social media followers to feel you are interacting with them on a more personal level. To help you reach and engage your social media audience through humanising your content, I’ve highlighted 3 essential tips for you to follow below. If you’re not very savvy at social media marketing, you can also source a marketing expert to assist you with incorporating these in your social media content.


By using a more corporate, professional tone in your social media marketing posts, your business will come across as cold and impersonal. If you change your tone to being friendly and more conversational, you will instantly engage your audience more effectively.


You’ll often find online audiences will use social media platforms to air grievances and have problems resolved. If you listen to your followers and respond with empathy, rather than just reel off a corporate spiel about terms and conditions, you can turn negative into positive engagement. Other followers will also see how well you handle problems, and it can also increase their loyalty to your brand or business.


Whether you’re quirky, satirical or cheeky, by adding personality to your social media posts you’ll show your online audience that you’re “real”.  By adding emotion to your social media content you will build a stronger relationship with your followers and heighten engagement.

These are some of the many ways you can reach your social media audience more effectively. If you’re struggling to grow your online audience and create better engagement, contact the experts at Ad On Digital today! The social media and digital marketing specialists can develop and implement social media strategies and campaigns that deliver results. Call them on (07) 5586 1400 or send them an email if you want to find out more!