Video marketing is rapidly evolving. Audiences are now seeking unique and innovative videos, over traditional storylines and themes. If you have a business and want to increase your audience reach through video marketing, it’s important to be aware of this, or else it will affect your return on investment (ROI).

Big brands have been nailing video marketing for years, although there have been some dismal failures. One of these was using OJ Simpson as the face of Hertz car hire’s video marketing campaign. I’m sure many of us remember his rather infamous televised car chase, whereupon I’d imagine he would have been thinking to himself, where’s a rental car when I need one!

Generally, with the amount of money big brands have to spend on their video marketing campaigns, enabling them to have test audiences, celebrity actors and expensive sets, they more often get it right.

So why are big brands so successful at video marketing? Because they make the familiar unfamiliar, and deconstruct the way we think, by asking us to see the world in a different light.

I’ve provided some tips below that will help you to transform your video marketing campaigns, based on the techniques big brands use to create their videos.  If you’re interested in video marketing, but don’t have the resources or knowledge to develop a campaign, source a specialist to do this for you.


Establishing your company’s values in your video marketing campaigns is often one of the most effective strategies to grow your audience reach and increase brand recognition. By breaking down gender, sex or racial stereotypes in your videos, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level.  Get Up Australia’s video marketing campaign on Marriage Equality highlights the audience engagement you can create through the emotional impact of breaking down stereotypes.


Singing and dancing is often a great way for you to engage and grow your audience through video marketing. By incorporating singing and dancing in your business video, you can personalise your business, which allows you to create an emotional bond with your audience.


Humour is often the best way to break the ice in a social setting, and it also the same effect with your audience when incorporated in your video marketing campaign. Whether you have animals or people doing funny things, you set up a comedy skit, or even stage something for unsuspecting members of the public, humour works in video marketing!

If you need further tips on developing an effective video marketing campaign, or you would like a video created for your business, contact Ad On Digital today! You can call the video marketing specialists on (07) 5586 1412 or send them an email if you have any queries.