While creating your own video can seem like a daunting task it isn’t as complicated as you think, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are proof of this, although I don’t think their videos will be winning any film awards soon!

With ready access to the internet for research, and the ability to film from your smartphone or most other mobile devices, virtually anyone can create an interesting marketing video, if they set their minds to it. Take for example, “Ryan’s Toy Review” whose host is a young boy aged 4 that tests and rates toys that he’s been sent from major toy manufacturers.

The YouTube videos are filmed in Ryan’s parent’s house and while the video resolution isn’t great, the reviews have gone viral among a young audience. Although the quality of the filming is amateurish, because the topic appeals to children and the host connects with the audience, as he’s around the same age, it’s one of the most successful video marketing campaigns for children’s toys that’s ever been posted online.

So how does this translate to developing your own quality marketing video? Simple, find a topic that interests your target market which is related to your field or industry, and package it in a way that connects with them.

To help you create a marketing video that achieves this, I’ve listed some simple tips below. If you are time poor, you can source a video marketing specialist to develop a high quality, strategically targeted marketing video for you.


Whether it’s new products or services, industry innovations or even just interesting stories that correlate to your field or business, gather a diverse range of content for your video to refer to during the production process.


You may decide to offer DIY tips, product or service reviews or even just discuss the pros and cons of  industry innovations. Whatever you decide will interest your audience, it’s worth trialling in a marketing video. While your first couple of videos may not be overly successful, with time you’ll get to know what topics work with your target audience, by analysing the level of engagement and click through rate, and you’ll eventually find a formula that works.


A call-to-action refers to content that prompts your audience to act. Whether it’s targeted to funnel your audience to your website or even to buy your products or services, there are numerous options you can choose for your call-to-action, depending on your marketing strategy. It’s important that you add a call-to-action to your marketing video in the first 30 seconds of airtime, to get the best engagement and conversion from your audience. If you leave the call-to-action to the end of your video, you can often lose them if it runs for a couple of minutes or more.

By following these tips you can simplify the video creation process, and you can develop great video content without a huge marketing budget. If the idea of creating your own video campaign seems too daunting, or you want an expert to target your campaign more effectively, contact the friendly team at Ad On Digital today! The video marketing specialists create professional videos for social media, television, websites, email campaigns and a vast range of other applications. You can either call the team on (07) 5586 1400 or send them an email if you have any questions.